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The Best Day of YOUR Life!!

Greetings are given everyday. In Texas, where I live, we usually just say “Hey” In other parts of the country where I travel; it will vary from “ How  ya doing?” to just “Hello”. When people ask, “How are you doing?” most times they are not concerned with how you are really doing, they are just using the phrase as a greeting. It is as if they have to say something because they are recognizing you are in their space, or you may be a customer of theirs and they have to greet you. So they ask “How are you doing?”


When I am greeted with such a banal type of greeting, I usually reply with “I am having the best say of my life. Thank you for asking, and how are doing?” As you might guess, I get a surprised “I am doing good, but I don’t think it is the best day of my life”. To which I reply “ You know yesterday is gone and you can’t do anything about what happened then. You can plan for tomorrow, but you really can’t do anything about what happens tomorrow. Today is the only day you can really do anything about so you might as well make it the best day of your life.”


When I have replied in this manner, I have gotten wildly different reactions. When I replied to a Flight Attendant once, there was a lady about three people ahead of me that turned around and asked “What you smoking? Cause I want some!” Well the truth is I wasn’t smoking anything, I was replying very truthfully to an honest greeting to “How was I doing?”


Some people will confuse my reply with believing that they can only have a few “Best Days of Their Lives” and associate it with major events that brought them happiness. This is false thinking and something I call Scarcity Thinking, the thought process trap people fall into when they do not believe they can live with more……… More of what you ask? More finances, time, money, satisfaction, you name it. They start believing what they have at the moment is all they will have so they feel the need to hang on to it, because they will not get more. I prefer to believe in Abundant Thinking. This is the thought process that God wants you to live an Abundant Life which means there will always be more. You can always get more time to spend with your family or loved ones, you can get more finances in multiple ways so it is ok to give away some of what you have, and you can get further ahead in your career or business by creating Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and then Measures to insure you reach those Goals.  Also, you can take your relationships to a level you didn’t think possible.


So I challenge you to go out and create the Best Day of Your Life! You do this by acting your way into a new way of thinking instead of trying to think your way into a new way of acting. First you have to tell yourself it IS possible and then start acting that way. So the next time someone asks you “How Are You Doing”? Reply, “I am having the Best Day of My Life”? And watch their reaction. Remember, this may be only positive thing they hear all day. Say it even if you don’t truly mean it and pretty soon, you will realize it is true, I am having the best day of my life and I will have many more in the future.

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