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Formula for Change

Formula for Change created by Brian Tracy with narrative written by Steve Wells

The Formula For Change is D X V X T X F > R. Mathematical…… huh…what? What does Math have to do with change?  Well I‘ll tell you. Some factors have to be stronger than others in order to create lasting change. Some people can change for  a short time, but cannot create change that will eventually become so habit forming that it becomes a principle, engrained in your very soul. Something that is part of your daily work ands cannot be separated from what you do and not do. 
    “D” stand for  dissatisfaction. You have to become so dissatisfied with your current situation that you feel you cannot go another day with changing something to make your life better. The situation has to become so bad that you cannot stand it any longer. You must say to yourself; one more day cannot go by with things the way they are. Dissatisfaction is different than unhappiness. It is deeper and more relevant to your daily existence. Unhappiness is a mood and can change relative to other issues going on in your life. Whereas dissatisfaction is more inherent to your contentment with situations. 
    “V” of course stands for vision. Most people only know what they do not want and it is related to the opposite of what they have had in the past. They really do not know what they do want so they do not have a vision for their future state. To create a vision for a future  state one must stop mid-stride and focus totally on the future. Nothing else should matter at that particular moment in time but creating that vision of the direction they want and need to head. God said in Habakkuk 2:2 to write your vision down on tablets so others may see it and run with it. So a vision must be written down and must be made public.
    “T” has to stand for creating a target condition. If a vision sets a direction in which to put all resources you have at your disposal towards, setting a target condition is the interim steps  in getting there. Setting a target condition means you must have a current condition first and have good measures / metrics to know how well you are performing at your current condition. To close the gap in getting from your current condition to your future condition take multiple iterations of Plan Do Check and Adjust which will be explained in a future blog. 
“F” stands for first steps. According to Lao Tzu “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”, Brainy Quotes. So to commit to any change a person must first take a step in the direction of change or towards your first target. The first step should be a core part of your plan for change and should be something you can really commit to starting, stopping, or continue doing. 
All of these; dissatisfaction, vision, targets, and first steps have to be greater than your “R” resistance to change your current condition. If you are not dissatisfied with your current condition, then you will never take first steps or do the hard work that comes with true change.
True change is very much related to our belief in God and the resulting dependence we place with him. If we feel we can do all things ourselves, then there is no need to depend on God. Why should we if we can make it through life on our own efforts. But those of us that know him and what he can in our lives, know that we can only accomplish the difficult things in life with and only with his assistance. Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. 

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